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The Beauty

Project type

Acrilic on Canvas

I have made a lot of work mainly on human appearance, especially costumes. And while making these works, I thought about costumes and bodies that have a traditional relationship. Today, body shapes deviate from the standardized beauty and have various shapes and structures. Like today's costumes, I dismantled and recombined the skin, organs, cells, etc. that make up the body to lose its totality and recreate the body.

Human faces are an important factor in distinguishing between each other. And there are preferred characteristics of the face according to the times. There is a face that is considered rustic, or ugly. For example, if thin arched eyebrows were popular in the past, natural but rich eyebrows are preferred now. People living today reconstruct their faces through plastic surgery to meet their ideal type of appearance. Reconfiguring these faces can give you confidence, but it can also cause side effects, such as medication side effects or decreased self-esteem. Based on this phenomenon, I reconstructed the appearance of modern people from a negative perspective, which is being destroyed and changed by the gaze of others.

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