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Documentary Photography

Jesa” is a form of ritual ceremony for family members who passed away. The participants wear Hanbok that is a Korean traditional costume, and follow strict rules of role and procedure such as the role of men and women or placement of foods and ritual objects. Growing up in a strict and conservative family, Jesa has become familiar events to me as holding more than 10 times a year. Moreover, after I took the role of “Jeju” which is a representative of the ceremony, a heavier responsibility followed as I grow up.

Forms of traditional or ritual ceremonies in Korea have been simplified, changed, or even disappeared. Contemporary young families serve pizza or chicken to Jesa table for the departed instead of foods listed in traditional instruction, or some families visit charnel house to simply pray. The traditional costume “Hanbok” is rarely seen in ceremonies in contemporary culture. The costume worked as a strict courtesy of the ceremony, however, people these days keep minimum courtesy as wearing modern costumes.

Costume interacts with culture as changing its form or meaning every decade. I’m at the period of transition with groups of people who want to keep the legacy and who want to pursue pragmatism. The photographs are my straightforward documentation standing the boundary between traditional and contemporary culture.

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