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One of my friends who works in an amusement park wears a mascot mask to cheer customers. She dances and acts like the most hyperactive person ever when she’s in the mask, however, she comes back to what she used to be when she took the mask off. She is the calmest person as far as I’ve known her for 10 years. Interestingly, she cannot even make a single move of dance without her bunny mask.

When we think of someone, we think of his/her face. The face is the body part that defines who you are in most cases. Superheroes work with masks, and criminals do the same. I was wondering if the mask gives human a superpower or unlock what they suppress, or make them anonymous who can do anything hiding their identifications.

The expanded meaning of “costume” is everything we can wear on our body.” Wearing something usually makes us look better, however, sometimes it can be a way to hide or disguise parts of our identity. The project “Bongdari” is a series of photographic research of how people’s behavior or mood can be affected or transformed by wearing “Bongdari” (plastic bag in Korean) on their faces becoming anonymous.

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