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Project type

Film Photography


March-May, 2023


New York City

Camera is one of my favorite methods of communication and recording to observe people I know or new people I meet. Since I believe that a person's current appearance is a direct manifestation of their past, I am always intrigued by each individual's atmosphere and appearance. When I arrived in NYC, I wanted to go beyond simply recording the people I met and searched for a new methodology to communicate with them using a 35mm analog film camera. Photographing them in a dark place with only pale light limits a lot of visual information, but at the same time, it provides visual enjoyment and exhibits the unique beauty of each character I explored. I asked people around me with different identities to be my models. Flexible fiber light and long exposure were used, I swept the model with fiber light into the shape I had imagined about models. Simple directing was presented to every model; bring anything you like and want. Just show yourself as much as you can.

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