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I have experienced dropping out of high school, being alienated from society, and not being part of any group since I wasn’t an ‘average’ teenager. This led me to experience deep depression. So I had a kind of complex about having an obsession with ‘ being part of a group ’ due to the sense of isolation I felt at that time. This made me make a lot of effort to be part of the ‘group’ after I went to university in Korea. Such as hanging out or working with people in the group even if I don’t want to. However, now I am in New York as a stranger who is from a small country in Asia, most of the groups that I used to belong to were broken, and I am isolated again. But I don’t want to say I’m depressed now. I have changed. I now learn how to appreciate the people I meet.

Through this project, I want to bid farewell to my obsession by recalling who I was at that time. This is a series of photographs that recreate and expresses these changes in the self-portrait form. This change is expressed through the attached photos of the group I used to belong to in my apartment, the photos of me wandering New York as a stranger, and the self-portrait of my present self.

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